Levels is back after the pandemic! This year, we are proud to have as teachers, Susie Davies-Splitter and Audrey Klein!


Melbourne University
Music Studio Q503
Melbourne Graduate School of Education


Term 2 holidays
Monday June 26th to Friday June 30th

Orff Schulwerk is an approach to music education based on the principles developed by Carl Orff, a composer and music educator who lived and worked in Europe from 1895 to 1982.

Orff Schulwerk offers a holistic approach to music education. It integrates singing, speech activities, movement, folk dance and the playing of percussion instruments to encourage active music making in an inclusive atmosphere.

It can be applied to all educational levels and in community music. The Levels Course will include activities and repertoire suitable for all educational settings. Singing and saying nursery rhymes and speech verses are combined with sound gestures or body percussion (clapping, stamping, finger clicking, etc).

These practical activities lay the foundation for broad musical development. Participants will develop skills in the range of ‘Orff instruments’ from simple non tuned percussion (eg tambourines) to recorders, xylophones and glockenspiels.

The course is 36 hours over 5 days
and includes the following 6 subjects


Level 1 – Participants will study the descant recorder. They will learn to play and teach the recorder using imitation, question and answer and improvisation in major and minor pentatonic scales.

Participants will perform ensemble pieces using the recorder.


Level 1 – Participants will learn various teaching techniques from the Orff Schulwerk approach such as cueing body percussion, non-melodic percussion and melodic percussion parts in an ensemble.

They will learn to teach instrumental parts using imitation, mirroring and body percussion.

Technique & Improvisation

Level 1 – Participants will perform songs in major and minor pentatonic scales, adding bass parts using Orff Schulwerk techniques. They will improvise rhythmic patterns in different time signatures and play melodies and improvise on melodic percussion instruments using pentatonic scale patterns.


Level 1 – Participants will use improvised vocal sounds, speech and singing. They will sing with rhythmic and melodic ostinato and sing in canon.

They will learn to improvise vocally in major and minor pentatonic scales and will learn the solfa for these scales.

Movement & Dance

Level 1 – Participants will discover body awareness and use elements of dance for creating movement pieces.

Participants will learn to devise a simple folk dance and express time elements through movement.


Level 1 – Participants will learn to write a speech arrangement with vocal patterns and accurate musical notation.

They will use body percussion and major and minor pentatonic scale songs and learn to arrange for melodic percussion and non-melodic

Participants will be encouraged to develop their understanding and skills in order to confidently share music experiences with students of all ages and stages of development.

A descant recorder must be purchased
and used during the course

Course Pre-requisites

No musical experience or knowledge is necessary however it is expected that participants will familiarise themselves with some basic music theory and concepts prior to the course.

Recommended Text

Orff, C. & Keetman, G. (1957).
Music for Children. Vol. 1. Pentatonic.
English version adapted by Margaret Murray. London: Schott.

Available from VOSA Optimum Percussion


This course is accredited through ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk).

To gain a Certificate of Accreditation, participants must attend the 36-hours and successfully complete all assignments and classroom tasks: otherwise a Certificate of Participation will be issued.

Successful completion of each level (1-4) qualifies all participants to continue their training in Orff Schulwerk at more advanced levels.


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