For all enquiries please email and the appropriate Committee Member will respond to your message asap.

President: Gabrielle Ryan
Vice President: Sara Glenie
Treasurer: Heather Monro
Secretary: Scott Buchanan
Events Coordinator: TBA
Membership Officer: Damian Royal
VOSA Resources:
Instrument Hire: Gabrielle Ryan
ANCOS Levels Courses Co-ordinator: Melissa Dods
ANCOS Representatives: Gabrielle Ryan, Scott Buchanan
Ordinary Committee Members: Bronwyn Pierce, Natalie Wickham, Monica Royal, Damian Royal, Barb Shearer-Jones, Melissa Dods, Kathryn Anderson


VISION 2020 conference: Melissa Dods, Heather Monro(co chair), Sara Glenie, Scott Buchanan, Gabrielle Ryan, Natalie Wickham, Damian Royal. Administrator: Sharon Anderson

Levels: Melissa Dods, Damian Royal, Heather Monro, Gabrielle Ryan

Governance/Ethics: Barb Shearer-Jones, Susan Curbishley (co-opted), Gabrielle Ryan, Heather Monro

ECCPA: Sara Glenie, Scott Buchanan, Bronwyn Pierce, Monica Royal, Damian Royal.

Digi Tech/Promotions: Natalie Wickham, Heather Monro, Susan Curbishley (co-opted)

Musette Editor: Barb Shearer-Jones, Lynne Burt (co-opted)

Resources: Gabrielle Ryan, Kathryn Anderson

Back to School: Gabrielle Ryan, Sara Glenie

Directory of International Orff-Schulwerk Associations

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