ECCPA Scholarships

The Jenny Fogarty ECCPA Student Scholarship

In memory of Jenny Fogarty, VOSA awards a scholarship to one full time student studying early childhood or primary school education.  The awardee will receive complimentary registration for the entire two days of the ECCPA conference. Note: travel and accommodation expenses are not covered.

The recipient needs to demonstrate that they have a strong interest in teaching music and movement to children – either as a music specialist or even more importantly as an integral part of their classroom program as a generalist teacher.  Please note that it is not a requirement for the recipient to have a formal music background.

Applicants should email the ECCPA Coordinator at detailing why they think they would be a worthy recipient.

After the conference, the recipient will be expected to write a report including details about themselves, the conference and how they will use ideas and inspirations in their work with children.

Deadline for applications is 30 June 2020


ECCPA Conference Scholarship for Overseas based attendees

An ECCPA Conference Scholarship is available to enable general class teachers & music educators from overseas countries, with demonstrated financial need, to attend an ECCPA conference. ECCPA takes place in August every year in Melbourne, Australia.  The next conference is 17-18 August, 2019.  These scholarships will contribute to the registration costs and towards the costs of travel and subsistence and provide funding up to AUS$3000.  Strict guidelines apply and the final amount offered is at the strict discretion of Conference Coordinators.


The ECCPA Conference scholarship for Overseas based attendees is open to early childhood, general class primary teachers, music educators and pre-service teachers who reside permanently in an overseas country.

Candidates must demonstrate

  1. The ways in which the individual has contributed to the musical life & learning of their community;
  2. The ways in which attending the ECCPA conference will contribute to the individual’s further work in teaching music and movement to children;
  3. A clear financial need;
  4. Not having attended an ECCPA conference previously.


Applicants should write, addressing the criteria above and below, and submit their application, accompanied by a referee report from an independent referee nominated by the candidate and a full budget of the expected costs.  These 3 documents need to be forwarded to the attention of the ECCPA Coordinator at no later than May 31, 2019.


  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Highest degree & completion date
  • Employment status
  • Place of employment & employer
  • Position title if applicable
  • If studying – degree title & institution
  • Referee name, postal address & email address
  • Please provide a short statement on how attendance at the conference will benefit your work in education
  • Please provide a short statement on how you have demonstrated a strong interest in teaching music & movement to children & communities
  • Please provide a short statement on why you think you would be a worthy recipient
  • Signed with date – can be name and email address if electronic.

Referee report

Please ask a referee to write a paragraph about why they think you would be a worthy recipient for this scholarship. They will need to supply their name, email address, postal address and phone details as well as stipulate their relationship to you.

The decision making process

All applications will be considered by the ECCPA scholarship panel chaired by the President or nominee.  Applicants will be informed normally within four weeks of the outcome & must advise the panel in writing of their acceptance of an offer within 7 days of the receipt of the letter of award.  The decision of the panel is final & VOSA regrets that it is unable to enter into any correspondence regarding its decision.  Each application is treated individually on its merits.

For further information please contact the ECCPA Coordinator at email