Levels Scholarship

The Carolyn Royal VOSA Orff Levels Course scholarship

Carolyn Royal was a highly valued member of our Australian Orff family, widely known for her passion and enthusiasm to make music accessible to all.  She was a dedicated and active member of the VOSA committee for over 25 years and the ANCOS national Orff committee for many years.  She contributed in so many ways by using her creative flair to design brochures, banners and decorations, taking care of the ANCOS archives, catering for events as well as being an outstanding teacher and mentor.  Her positive zest for life, family, friends and all of those she worked with was infectious.  The Carolyn Royal Orff levels scholarship celebrates Carolyn’s desire to bring music into all of our lives with much cheer and joy in our hearts.

The Carolyn Royal Orff levels scholarship is intended to enable general class teachers and music educators from Victoria to attend an Orff level course (1-2) in Victoria.  This scholarship will meet the registration costs and may contribute towards the costs of travel and accommodation.  One or two persons may be offered this scholarship. This scholarship provides funding up to AUD$1000 at the discretion of the committee.

The Carolyn Royal Orff levels scholarship is open to early childhood, general class primary teachers and music educators who have at least 2 years teaching experience and some demonstrated ‘Orff’ experience.

Candidates must:

  1. Demonstrate the ways in which the individual has contributed in some way to the musical life and learning of their community
  2. Demonstrate the ways in which attending the Orff course will contribute to the individual’s further work in teaching music and movement to children
  3. Write a report for the Musette newsletter at the completion of the course

Applicants should apply by addressing in writing the criteria below and submitting the application accompanied by a referee report from an independent referee nominated by the candidate.  These 2 documents need to be forwarded to the VOSA Administrator, Sharon Anderson at admin@vosa.org or by mail to VOSA, PO Box 4014, McKinnon  VIC  3204 no later than 31 May 2019 for consideration for attendance at the 2019 Levels Course.

Criteria to be addressed in application

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Highest degree and completion date
  • Employment status
  • Place of employment and employer
  • Position title if applicable
  • If studying – degree title and institution
  • Referee name, postal address, email address and contact phone number
  • Please provide a short statement on how attendance at the course/conference will benefit your work in education
  • Please provide a short statement on how you have demonstrated a strong interest in teaching music and movement to children and communities
  • Please provide a short statement on why you think you would be a worthy recipient
  • Signed with date – can be name and email address if electronic

Referee report
Please ask a referee to write a paragraph about why they think you would be a worthy recipient for this scholarship.  They will need to supply their name, email address, postal address and phone details as well as stipulate their relationship to you.

The decision making process
All applications will be considered by the VOSA scholarship panel chaired by the President or a nominee.  Applicants will be informed normally within four weeks of the outcome and must advise the panel in writing of their acceptance of an offer within 7 days of the receipt of the letter of award.  The decision of the panel is final and VOSA regrets that it is unable to enter into any correspondence regarding its decision.  Each application is treated individually on its merits.