Level 3

Level 3 Course Outline

Orchestration – Analysis – Literature


¨ Revision of Level 2 content

¨ I-IV-V harmony

¨ Aeolian – i – VII and i – III, simple borduns and changing chords

¨ Dorian – i – IV, i – VII, i-ii, i-III, and rules for accompaniments in Aeolian and Dorian

¨ Mixed Meters

Skill Competencies

¨ Orchestrate a melody with a I-IV-V accompaniment

¨ Orchestrate a melody with a i-VII or i-III accompaniment

¨ Orchestrate a melody with accompaniments and/or counter melody

¨ Add accompaniments to songs with I-IV V, Dorian and Acolian modes


¨ Examples from Volumes II, IV Music for Children

Technique and Improvisation – Literature


¨ Revision of techniques in Level 2

¨ Improvisation incorporating more complex rhythmic patterns in 5, 7, regular changing meters

¨ Combining polymetric layering

¨ Improvise in Aeolian and Dorian

Skill Competencies

¨ Improvise 1, 2, 4 bars in simple, compound meters, and 5 and 7

¨ Improvise using complex rhythms, dotted, syncopation, triplets in Ionian, Aeolian and Dorian Modes

¨ Improvise over I-IV, V harmonies

¨ Embellishing melodies using parallelism (Pentatonic and Diatonic)

¨ Decorating the third in improvisations


¨ Volume III and IV Music for Children

Pedagogy – Literature


¨ Use all techniques and strategies learned previously with confidence and skill.

¨ Strategies and processes for preparing improvisation over I-IV-V chords

Skill Competencies

¨ Demonstrate the ability to use all media in writing and presenting two lesson plans for teaching specific music skills or understandings using Orff techniques and strategies


¨ Volume III, IV



¨ Revise content of Level 2

¨ Conducting patterns in simple and compound time

¨ Conducting 5, 7 and other irregular meters

¨ Song repertoire in Aeolian, Dorian, and Ionian modes

Skill Competencies

¨ Sing confidently in three part harmony with vocal ostinato

¨ Sing melodies in Aeolian, Dorian and Ionian modes

¨ Improvise in Aeolian, Dorian and Ionian modes

¨ Improvise harmonic vocal line in I-IV-V

¨ Sing chord-shift accompaniment patterns for I-IV-V

¨ Sing chord root accompaniments for melodies using I-IV-V


¨ Volume III, IV Music for Children

Movement and Dance


¨ Revise body awareness, dance elements, and body activities, dance notation

¨ Creative movement using body activities, shape, qualities and activities

¨ Choreographing

¨ Folk dances using more complex forms and formations

¨ Historical Dances

¨ Movement to irregular meters (5, 7)

Skill Competencies

¨ Perform a dance piece demonstrating the ability to use movement to express more complex rhythmic structures in mixed and changing meters

¨ Perform historical dances

¨ Devise dances in historical styles that complement the music

¨ Accompany movement effectively


¨ Volume III, IV



¨ Revise recorder skills from Levels 1 & 2

¨ Song repertoire in Aeolian, Dorian, and Ionian modes

¨ Recorder repertoire

¨ Polyphonic ensemble pieces

¨ Improvisation within historical styles

¨ Bass Recorder/opt

Skill Competencies

¨ Play song melodies and improvisations in the modes, Aeolian, Dorian and Ionian on both descant and alto recorder

¨ Play song melodies and improvisations requiring I-V and I-IV, V changes


¨ Volume III, IV