The Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association

Code of Conduct

About VOSA

The VOSA Code of Conduct

The VOSA Code of Conduct requires members and their appointed delegates (both ordinary and co-opted) to comply with the following in connection with all VOSA activities:

  • behave honestly and with integrity;
  • act with care and diligence;
  • treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and without harassment;
  • comply with all applicable Commonwealth and State laws;
  • identify and disclose any potential conflicts of interest;
  • use VOSA resources in a proper manner and for a proper purpose;
  • provide true and accurate information in response to any request made for official purposes;
  • behave in a way that upholds the mission, integrity and good reputation of VOSA;
  • uphold the Code of Conduct in all forms of communication (including digital);
  • represent VOSA and Australia (both nationally and internationally) in a way that upholds the good reputation of VOSA;
  • uphold the principles and their intent as expressed in the VOSA constitution;
  • comply with any other conduct requirement that may be prescribed by VOSA.

Violations of the VOSA Code of Conduct

Any alleged breach of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the dispute resolution process in the VOSA constitution.

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Back to School Day

Saturday February 26, 2022

Join VOSA and Kodály Vic for our annual Back to School Day!

The morning will include workshops run by Kodály and Orff experts! Brush off the cobwebs and kick-start the New Year. Be inspired by fresh and innovative ideas!

Venue: Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School. 17 Leslie Rd. Essendon

Presenters: Katie Hull-Brown (lower Orff), Renee Heron (lower Kodály), Sarah Brooke (upper Orff), Jenny Ferris (upper Kodály)