AGM February 2022

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 7:30 PM



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We would like to invite you as a financial member of VOSA to consider nominating for the VOSA committee in 2022. We are a strong and committed team that seeks to make a difference to music education and we hope to continue to build and develop VOSA as an integral part of music educators’ professional lives.

For VOSA to be successful, committee members are expected to participate in one or more of our Collaborative Teams, which include activities such as reviewing our governance documents; monitoring our website and social media platforms; managing the hire of our instruments; preparing our magazine Musette; and other areas pertinent to our association.  We hope committee members will take an active role in some of the many VOSA professional learning events that will be held throughout the year. Committee meetings are online and so we welcome nominations from people in regional and rural communities. As a representative of the VOSA membership, your input has the potential to help us deliver appropriate and engaging events that suit the needs of educators.

If you are interested in becoming a committee member of a vibrant music education organization, please consider nominating yourself using the form on this web page.

Nominations can also be given ‘in person’ before or at the commencement of the AGM.

For more information, please contact the president, Sarah Brooke.

Proxy Voting

A VOSA member who is unable to attend the AGM may wish to delegate their voting power to another member or have another member speak on their behalf at the meeting. The person assigned to vote or speak on another member’s behalf is known as a ‘proxy’.

When appointing a proxy to vote on their behalf, the member may give specific directions on how the vote is to be cast, otherwise the proxy may vote on behalf of the member however he or she thinks fit.

Proxies to Sue Buchan (VOSA secretary) by the online form below at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting.


To nominate, fill in the form below and click submit.


Please fill in the form below and click submit.