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About Carl Orff

Carl Orff (10 July 1895 –29 March 1982) was a German composer and music educator. The concepts of his Schulwerk were hugely influential for children’s music education.

As a composer, he is best known for his cantata Carmina Burana (1937).

We will be adding more fascinating details about Carl Orff soon!


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Back to School Day

Saturday February 26, 2022

Join VOSA and Kodály Vic for our annual Back to School Day!

The morning will include workshops run by Kodály and Orff experts! Brush off the cobwebs and kick-start the New Year. Be inspired by fresh and innovative ideas!

Venue: Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School. 17 Leslie Rd. Essendon

Presenters: Katie Hull-Brown (lower Orff), Renee Heron (lower Kodály), Sarah Brooke (upper Orff), Jenny Ferris (upper Kodály)