Spring into Orff

Chants and games via Zoom!
Saturday, September 5th 2020
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ECCPA and Levels Courses 2020

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding at this time. After careful consideration of the challenges presented by our current situation unfortunately there will be no ECCPA or Levels Courses this year. VOSA is busy planning for 2021 and we’re very much looking forward to getting back to playing, dancing and singing together again!

Please contact levels@vosa.org for more information regarding Levels Courses, thank you


Back to School Day 2020

Approximately 80 participants “kicked off’ the school year at Back to School Day, the annual combined event between the Orff and Kodaly professional associations. 

It was held at Caulfield Grammar on Saturday, February 22 as a morning event. 

Experienced Orff presenters Lyn Richardson and Melissa Dods presented workshops for   “Upper Orff” and “Lower Orff” respectively with much singing, dancing and professional networking. 

The day was enhanced by a delicious morning tea prepared by the VOSA committee, and the opportunity to browse and buy resources from the VOSA Resource stand, which was much appreciated by participants. 

It was a great morning of music making. Thanks to our Kodaly colleagues for their organizing of the event this year.


February 22 was a busy day for VOSA, with the Committee also conducting the 2018-2019 AGM on the afternoon of Back to School. 

The 2020 VOSA  Committee is – 

President- Gabrielle Ryan

Vice president – Sara Glenie

Treasurer – Kathryn Anderson

Secretary – Kaz Sieger

“Ordinary “ members – Bronwyn Pierce, Damian Royal, Monica Royal, 

Melissa Dods, Scott Buchanan 

Co opted members – Susan Curbishley, Lynne Burt, Heather Monro.

Congratulations to all those elected and thankyou for being willing to take on the job of organizing our Orff events and other jobs on behalf of the VOSA members and wider music community.

VOSA Committee always welcomes members who would like to be involved. This year we are recruiting people with ICT skills.  Please get in contact.


National Orff Schulwerk Conference 

                  Vision 2020   

What a fantastic time was had by those lucky enough to come to the VISION 2020 Conference, run by VOSA as the bi – ennial conference presented by the national Orff body, ANCOS. 

VISION ran from Monday evening, January 6 to Thursday January 9 at Rydges Hotel in Carlton. From a moving tribute to our esteemed mentor, the late Richard Gill, presented by Margie Moore; to dancing with chairs inspired by Guest Presenter, Andrea Oestertag from the Orff Institut, Salzburg; to the pure fun of the songs and dances with Jon Madin’s crazy instruments and Andy Rigby’s wry Australian sense of humour!! – we had a ball.

We didn’t realise how lucky we were, as we now view all that we enjoyed, learnt and shared from our current perspective of social isolation. 

Over time, the VOSA committee hope to re-visit some of the inspiring moments of the conference to share with our members. 

Keep your eye on the website, and our social media – Facebook and Instagram.

             Neuroscience and Music 

Prior to the commencement of VISION 2020 , VOSA presented another initiative in the form of a pre- conference seminar. This was presented by Robyn Staveley. Robyn is highly respected Orff presenter, and presented a “taster” on her speciality, Neuroscience and Music. 

Over 60 participants chose to attend the add- on event, and VOSA looks forward to organizing Robyn’s full 3 day course on Neuroscience and Music in Victoria when we are able to gather in larger groups!!


“In a child’s life it is often the music teacher who will be remembered above all others once the child has left school. Music teachers have the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, sparking imaginations at every turn. You never know when this happens with a child, which makes every lesson special, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. Music teachers are the salt of the earth.”

Richard Gill OAM